Fortune Power manufactures the highest quality adapter products.

We also offer custom product manufacturing based on customer designs and specifications.

We have been granted approvals by UL / CSA, TUV / GS, SAA, PSE (Japan).

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Product Series - UK
Series Description Region Input/Output Input Voltage Line Freq.
GPB352.0-3.0 Watt Unregulated Wall PlugUKAC/DC230VAC +/-10%50Hz
GPB354.0 VA Wall Plug TransformerUKAC/AC230VAC +/-10%50Hz
GPB414.0-6.0 Watt Unregulated Wall PlugUKAC/DC230VAC +/-10%50Hz
GPB414.0-8.0 Wall Plug TransformerUKAC/AC230VAC +/-10%50Hz
GPB489.0-11.0 Watt Unregulated Wall PlugUKAC/DC230VAC +/-10%50Hz
GPB4816.0-20.0 Wall Plug TransformerUKAC/AC230VAC +/-10%50Hz
GPBSW-10W6.6-10.0 Watt Switching AdapterUKAC/DC100-240VAC +/-10%47-63Hz
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